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About us - People behind Greenbelt Solar

Greenbelt Solar is a participating contractor in Austin Energy’s Solar Incentive Program.

Greenbelt Solar is a Texas Licensed Electrical Contractor, license number # 28367

Greenbelt Solar has NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer crew members, as well as Texas Master Electrician on staff.

NABCEP Logo    Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations - Electrical Contractor Certificate

A letter from our President and CEO - Carey Wheeler Ibrahimbegovic

"Dear customers,

My name is Carey Wheeler Ibrahimbegovic. I am a graduate of UT Austin (Hook 'em!) and President, CEO and owner of Greenbelt Solar - Austin Renewable Energy Provider.

This company is a woman owned business which is very important to me and my husband and represents our core values of gender equality.

We started Greenbelt Solar with a few simple goals in mind - integrity must be the most important thing for us, as well as professionalism, open communication with our customers and 100% satisfaction of all our customers, employees and business partners.

We live in very exciting times. It brings me great pleasure to be involved in a forward thinking company such as ours, utilizing the cutting edge of energy technologies that are evolving, improving and changing daily, yet at the same time implementing all that in our state, city and neighborhoods having a positive contribution, providing free renewable energy to our customers and lowering their electricity bills day after day.

I am always available for advice, comment, explanation, business proposal or anything else you may have on your mind. My direct phone line is (512) 750-7497 and my email address is Any and all inquiries are welcome.

I am looking forward to the future and I wish everyone happy and prosperous life."

Carey signature

Greenbelt solar LLC are:

Carey Wheeler Ibrahimbegovic - President and CEO

Carey's investigative and intuitive mind have led to success in finding the one of a kind fit for each and every customer wishing to lower their utility bills and to install an affordable renewable energy system in their home or a business.

Carey founded Greenbelt Solar after over 10 years of experience as an executive search professional. She has spent a majority of her career developing a deep understanding of the management consulting industry focusing on Partner and Principal level talent acquisition across North America, EMEA and Asia Pacific for many of Fortune 100 companies.

In her prior roles in retained search, Carey has gained valuable expertise in building functional and industry practices for premier Strategy and Consulting firms. Carey holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from University of Texas in Austin.

At Greenbelt Solar Carey is overseeing all sales and contracts and is personally involved with each and every customer.

Adi Ibrahimbegovic - Lead PV Installer/Managing Partner

Adi Ibrahimbegovic is a Lead PV Installer and technical consultant. Together with his lovely wife Carey, he is a part owner and managing partner of Greenbelt Solar.

Since he was a young kid growing up in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Adi was interested in "how stuff works?" - the result of that curiosity at 12 years of age was a 300$ total loss of his cousin's Commodore 64 computer in 1983 because he wanted to see "what exactly was in it?" and dismantled it to the component level.

Although he had a R&D "trial run" with a cheap electronic calculator dissassembled before it, he wasn't able to save the Commodore 64 (of course, the calculator was fine and worked like a Swiss watch for many years after it was taken apart to the last screw and put together).

A few years later in 1985, after he dismantled and reassembled his broken Panasonic VCR so he can watch "War Games" with Matthew Broderick (hey, I fixed it!), cordless phone, Walkman and many other things, his family had to put a stop to his "experiments".

In his professional career Adi has worked for many Fortune 500 companies in USA such as Best Buy, ExxonMobil, Lyondell Chemicals and IBM. As a computer programmer and a lead web developer, he was responsible for designing, developing and maintaining many corporate web sites such as IBM Corp. Global Industries and others.

In 2001, following his lifelong passion of playing pinball machines, Adi opened a successful business called Texas Pinball, a company that refurbished and sold commercial arcade pinball machines. After he dismantled, cleaned, fixed and put them all back together (here we go again...), they were ready to be played and enjoyed.

Hundreds of the newly refurbished to factory specs pinball machines sold throughout USA and the world in 2000s, then his focus slowly shifted to renewable and solar energies. His favorite pinball machine of all time is 1993 Bally Twilight Zone followed very closely by 1993 Williams Star Trek The Next Generation.

Between 2006-2009, after successfuly attending many of Colorado based Solar Energy International basic, advanced and hands-on Solar Classes, he decided to pursue it full time which resulted in founding and starting Greenbelt solar in 2009 together with his wife in Austin.

Adi and Carey have a wonderful 4 year old son and together with him and a German Shepherd Dog, they live in Austin, Texas. In their free time they enjoy travelling, hiking, camping, scuba diving, playing pinball machines, watching movies and cooking and preparing delicious meals together.

Click here to email him with any questions you may have.

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Free solar rooftop review
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Evengreen Solar, ZEP Solar, Yingli, Sharp, Kyocera, Sanyo, Canadian Solar and others.

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