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Free solar consultation. The first step to your energy independence and lower electric bills.
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What is a Grid-Tie Solar System? How does it connect to your house and your electric utility? How does it work? All answers about Grid-tie solar. What is Off-Grid Solar System? Connecting to house. Why is electric utility not needed at all? How does it work at night? Battery? Off-grid solar answers. Solar Industry and renewable energy news. Solar PV, Biomass, Wind power, Biofuels and more. All current solar energy news. updated daily. Austin Energy rebates, state rebates and federal income tax credit explained. Detailed answers for solar installation rebates and tax credits are here..
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Federal, State, County and City government officials! Let Greenbelt Solar help you save money and reach the 30% mandated reduction in energy use by 2015 with solar systems. Small, midsize and large business owners! Our turnkey commercial solar systems help you generate your own power, reduce utility costs and save money with solar installations. Our latest installation - a beautiful 2 story home, built in 2005 in South Austin with 5 Kilowatt solar system installed. More details about the installation here. Call or email us for a free, no-obligation solar consultation visit in your home or business. This is a first step to your energy independence and lower electric bills.
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