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New Austin Turnkey Solar Design Center for Austin Home Builders that Want to Offer Solar Upgrades via Model Homes and New Home Design Centers
New solar homes sell faster because 88% of new home buyers are seeking energy efficiency and solar powered features, which can save customers up to $840 per year on electric bills!

Solar Design Centers for New Home Builders

Greenbelt Solar is the only Austin solar installation company that offers a solar design center program designed for home builders that want to add solar power to their portfolio of energy efficiency products and services offered through their model homes and design centers. To add solar power to your design center portfolio, please call our solar design center at (512) 627-6622.

Siliken Solar Panels Voted #1 in Solar Power Production

Greenbelt Solar installs zero-power-loss solar panels manufactured by Siliken Solar. Siliken's solar panels were recently voted #1 by Photon Magazine, the solar industry's premier industry solar trade publication.

Solar Homes Sell Twice as Fast as Homes with No Solar

According the U.S. Department of Energy's Homebuilder's Guide to Going Solar, "Solar homes sell at twice the rate of their conventional counterparts. Although the best data to date is from California, solar-equipped homes are proving popular in other parts of the country, even in depressed housing markets."

Solar Home Owners Are Satisfied Customers

A new solar home owner survey was conducted to find out how customers feel about living in their new solar home. The results showed that the home owners enjoy saving money and would strongly recommend a solar home to their friends and would buy another solar home in the future:

  • 93 percent of solar home owners would prefer a solar home purchase in the future
  • 92 percent of solar home owners would recommend a solar home to their friends
    Source: U.S. Department of Energy/Go Solar in California

    Satisfied Solar Homeowners Recommend their Builder Twice as Much as Non-Solar Builders

    Studies indicate that solar homeowners are more satisfied, and satisfied solar homeowners recommend their builder to others twice as much as neutral homeowners. Even when neighboring houses are energy efficient, consumers in communities with solar equipment are more satisfied with their home purchases.

    Solar Increases the Value of Homes

    According to a Berkeley Study on Solar Increasing a Home's Market Value, the research found that homes with solar photovoltaics (PV) have sold for a premium, expressed in dollars per watt of installed PV, of approximately $3.90 to $6.40/watt.

    This corresponds to an average home sales price premium of approximately $17,000 for a relatively new 3,100 watt PV system (the average size of PV systems in the Berkeley Lab dataset), and compares to an average investment that homeowners have made to install PV systems of approximately $5/W over the 2001-2009 period.

    Solar Homes are More Profitable for Builders

    Installing a 4,000-watt solar power array will add $10,000 to the builders cost, but reduce the overall cost of home ownership by $15,000 so that customers can afford to spend more money on additional upgrades that they could not have afforded without savings that producing free solar electricity makes possible for homeowners.

    Solar Power Saves Homeowners Tens of Thousands of Dollars on Electric Bills

    In a similar way to how new homebuyers are offered the opportunity to browse through countertops, flooring or other various upgrades, new homebuilders in Austin can now offer a portfolio of solar products that will save homeowners a tremendous amount of money on future electric bills.

    Solar Installation Prices Have Dropped So Low Builders Can Make a Good Profit

    In fact, solar installation prices have dropped so low that any home builder that does offer solar hot water heaters and solar power arrays is missing a valuable opportunity to increase their new home profit margins. Depending on volume, homebuilders can increase their revenue by $900 to $1,200 per home.

    Solar Homes Sell Faster and Give Builders a Competitive Edge

    According to the 2010 National Association of REALTORS Profile of Homebuyers and Sellers, approximately 88% of all homebuyers now expect to receive energy efficiency and renewable energy features on their new home such as solar power.

    In the past, homebuilders have been reluctant to carry solar panels because they were expensive. But solar pricing has dropped so low that it is now ideal time for home builders to embrace solar.

    Most leading homebuilders now offer a wide variety of energy efficiency products and adding solar to their new home design center is the best way to distinguish their homes from builders in the competing in the new home marketplace. Click here for Solar New Home Builder Case Studies.

    Solar Can Now Be Customized by Community

    Solar panels now have many different designs to choose from. Greenbelt Solar will provide a variety of solar power options and let home builders pick out the look and feel of the solar power systems deployed throughout their new home developments and master planned communities.

    Greenbelt Solar Design Centers Offer New Home Builders a Turnkey Solar Installation Package

    Helping customers make good solar purchase decisions helps builders build solid relationships with their new home buyers. Greenbelt Solar has special solar training programs that will help home builders educate homeowners on selecting the solar panels that produce the most kilowatt hours of electricity per year as well as the most efficient solar power inverters that start up sooner, produce power longer and can withstand the extreme Texas summertime heat.

    To keep things simple, all solar rebates, HOA architectural requests and city permits for solar installation are managed by Greenbelt Solar project managers.

    In addition, Greenbelt Solar engineers can work with custom homebuilders and architects to design the largest southern faced rooftops possible that are void of pipes and chimneys that produce shade, which is detrimental to solar power installations. Doing so will home builders increase their per home profitability.

    Megawatt Solar Community Business Model

    Not sure what types of goals to put in place for your new community or master planned community? Look no further than Austin's Pecan Street Mueller Megawatt project. Their goal was to install at least one megawatt of solar power on residential rooftops.

    This may sound like a lot, but installing an averaged sized solar power array of 6,000-watts, it would only take 166 homes to achieve a Megawatt goal.

    In addition to doing the right thing for our environment, Going Solar is a fantastic marketing tool for homebuilders to generate news stories in the local news outlets. Do a Google search on the Mueller Megawatt project to see the amount of news coverage that was dedicated to this project. Green marketing is an extremely effective way to reach new home buyers.

    Megawatt Solar Community Goals Should Reflect 25% to 30% Rooftop Penetration Levels

    Most utility companies and electrical cooperatives have a goal of producing 25% to 30% of their electricity from renewable energy sources such as solar power arrays. New homebuilders need to do their part to help Texas move away from dirty power that is causing drastic climate changes by installing more solar power.

    A simple goal for builders and master planned communities is to encourage 25% of their customers to go solar at the time their home is being built. This makes it possible to roll the cost of the solar systems into the mortgage, which is averaging about $6,000 for a 6-kW system in Austin after solar rebates and solar tax credits have been deducted.

    Megawatt Neighborhoods Receive Megawatt Discounts

    Ordering solar panels in volume will enable builders to either offer better solar discounts to their homebuyers, or the extra revenue can be added straight to the builder's bottom line. To learn more about Greenbelt Solar's Solar Design Center sales programs, please contact Adi Ibrahimbegovic at (512) 750-1478 or email him at

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  • Free solar rooftop review
    Free solar rooftop review for your home or business Call or email us for a free, no-obligation solar rooftop review visit in your home or business.

    Free solar rooftop review

    Solar panels on sale!
    We have all sizes of solar panels on sale from leading manufacturers: Evengreen Solar, ZEP Solar, Yingli, Sharp, Kyocera, Sanyo, Canadian Solar and others. We have all sizes of solar panels on sale from leading manufacturers:
    Evengreen Solar, ZEP Solar, Yingli, Sharp, Kyocera, Sanyo, Canadian Solar and others.

    Solar panels on sale

    Solar rebates and tax credits
    Everything about cash incentives and solar rebates for residential and commercial solar installations Federal government and utilities are offering cash rebates and tax credits for a solar system.

    Solar rebates and tax credits

    Solar for government
    Federal, State, County and City government officials! Let Greenbelt Solar help you save money and reach the 30% mandated reduction in energy use by 2015 Federal, State, County and City government officials! Let us help you save money and reach the 30% mandated reduction in energy use by 2015.

    Solar for government

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