Residential Services


Let Greenbelt help you put your roof to work!   We make it easy to choose solar as the power source for your home.  Contact us and we will provide you with a free solar estimate that will show you how much energy you can produce and the financial incentives are available to help you install solar.

For Residential Services call (512) 750-1478


Installing a solar system allows you to:

  • Make your home more sustainable

  • Increase the value of your home

  • Turn a monthly expense into a reliable investment

Our customer choose Greenbelt because:

  • We are a local company with excellent customer service

  • Our experienced, certified crews are in-house - we don’t use subcontractors

  • We provide turnkey services and take care of all utility paperwork and permitting for your project


Our Services:

  • Roof top - most economical

  • Ground mount - if your roof is not a good option


We service the following utility areas:

  • Austin Energy

  • Pedernales Electric Coop

  • Bluebonnet Electric Coop

  • Oncor

  • San Marcos Utility

  • Georgetown Utility


We provide Free Quotes that will show you how much energy you can produce and what financial incentives are available to help you install solar.


*We will protect your privacy.  Your contact information will only go to our team, and we will not share your information with anyone.

Greenbelt Solar Customer Testimonials

They are your friends, your neighbors and fellow Austinites, just like Greenbelt Solar employees themselves. All the testimonials and quotes below are from the actual emails we received.


Amina Lewis in Bastrop, TX

"You guys are such fun to work with and such a tremendous blessing! 
I'm excited and looking forward to seeing you guys (weather permitting). You're the greatest!!!"

Tom and Karen

"Thank you so much for going above and beyond of good customer service and trimming the tree branches at no charge, to provide more sunlight and no shade for our bigger system. I love precise measuring done, so we added 2 more panels where others said only 15 could fit in there. 
We have been wanting to do this for a long time and it is a dream come true. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We are super excited."

Jay in Austin, TX

"The meter is spinning backwards? 
I'm liking this."

Rodney off 183 and McNeil

"Let me start off by saying thank you to Greenbelt Solar for your work. Adi and his team did a fantastic job on the install. 
I’m glad Joep has decided to go with Greenbelt for his project. He picked a good company!"

Joep Meijer, off I-35 and Breaker Lane

"All is well with the system, it has produced almost 400 kWh since May 5th, so we are starting ahead of your projection from the proposal. I like that."