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Ned E.  in  Copperas Cove, TX

"I do not give a 5 rating lightly, but Greenbelt Solar is deserves it. Only after Adi convinced me of the quality of the product and I became comfortable with the company did I accept their bid. It was a great decision. The installation crew was outstanding and the installation is EXCELLENT. The system is performing beautifully and is just immaculately done. This is a great company. I unreservedly recommend Greenbelt Solar to my friends and family. These guys are the best of the best."


Marv F. in Round Rock, TX

"Adi installed our 16.5 KW system just over a year ago. He really knew what he was doing and got a max rebate from the utility company. We had talked to other companies, but we had no doubt about who to go with. His bid was very simple, without the ridiculous promises some others made. The AP Systems microinverters and web site really lets you see how well all is working. After about a month we saw that one panel was only generating 2/3 of what the others were doing. Adi first replaced the inverter, and that didn't fix it, so he then replaced the panel. Has been working great ever since. Most months we get 2 to 2.5 mWHr."


John P. in Austin, TX

"Greenbelt delivered exactly what they promised--our relatively small 3.92 kW system is up and running, generating >20 kWh per sunny day on a SW-facing roof (4.5:12 pitch). Pricing was better than any other options that I was able to find. Adi was very upfront and honest (perhaps "blunt", but I appreciated this). Other companies seemed to often exaggerate the benefits or upsell the proposal--one actually tried to sell me on a 12 kW system which would be completely overkill for our house's low energy usage--I'm an electrical engineer myself and researched the basics enough to know better). One other anecdote... right after the installation was complete, our city changed its rebate policy (the new policy being better for my specific case). Despite having already been paid in full, Greenbelt actually was willing to work with me and the city to recover the extra rebate money, which I greatly appreciated (they certainly didn't have to do this and it didn't give them any additional benefit, in fact it delayed their payment by a couple weeks). The only possible negative thing I can say about my experience was that the city's permitting and inspection process took longer than expected which delayed the install. There isn't anything Greenbelt could have done about this though, I'd assume any contractor would have the same result."


Brian C. in Austin, TX

"Adi, the owner, is as responsive as one could possibly be. I checked with 6 solar companies and based on experience, knowledge, straight forwardness and willingness to help, Adi and Greenbelt were a no brainer. 

I highly recommend calling him if you're considering Solar. His teams do Beautiful installations and make sure the homeowner is happy. 

Feel free to shoot me a note if you have questions, I can't recommend his enough."


Sam G. in Austin, TX

"Adi and the Greenbelt Solar Team get strong work done and they get it done fast.  They also do it at a lower rate than any other company. I got quotes from two other companies and neither of them could come close to the pricing for Greenbelt Solar.  Adi worked to get paperwork done extremely quickly with the city and had our panels up on our roof in less than 10 days from when I contacted him.  He also answered my many questions and was very responsive on email and text messages. His team put up 44 panels in three days and were professional and courteous to my family, they even took photos with my phone of the roof array and the view from the top of the house. I would highly recommend these guys, they even installed a car charger in my front yard."


Tortsen W. in Austin, TX

"These guys are real pros. They guided us through the process and answered all our questions. We were up and running in a month and they managed all the qualification/inspection process with the city. I really appreciated the proactive approach with the city the real-time monitoring app is pretty cool too. Our contact, Ryan helped us get a rebate made sure the entire experience was smooth and hassle free. I smile every day when I check the app."


Diane K in Austin, TX

"Even with all the rain we have been having, in less than a month, we had a solar system installed, inspected, and turned on so we are now live with Austin Energy. We looked at several different 'residential solar' companies and did some of our own research talking to others who had both good and bad experiences with getting solar installed. We choose Greenbelt Solar and they did a stellar job. The crew did an excellent job with the install (and they were very friendly), it is almost invisible from the street (you have to really be looking for it to see it) and the company took care of filing for all the rebates and paperwork. The process could not have been easier. (We have friends who used a different company and it took them over 6 months to go live!!!)
If you are thinking about adding solar or just want to understand how it might benefit you, talk to Ryan (512-731-2264) at Greenbelt Solar. He knows his stuff and answered all of our questions as well as informed us about things we didn't even know we should ask. End result - we no longer have an electric bill! (they even sent us a cool overhead view of our house when it was all done)"


Sudhakar M  - 5 stars

"We have our solar panels got installed by Greenbelt over a year ago. So far there are no issues. I highly recommend Greenbelt for Solar panel installation."


Brian C -  5 stars

"Adi was amazing. I interviewed 5 different solar companies before choosing Greenbelt Solar and it was a super easy choice once I met Adi. He was straight forward, honest, showed me exactly the process that he would go through and the exact process that Austin Energy would go through. When we looked at the final install, we even added an aesthetic piece that really tied it all together. I'm 100% happy with my choice to go with Adi, and if/when we move, I will be calling him up again."


Kyle H. - 5 stars

"Absolutely crushed every competitive quote I got on solar before I selected an installer. I had almost given up on Solar as I got some quotes that were nearly double the cost of Green Belts system. Adi is a great guy and his team of installers show up promptly to get the work done as quickly as possible. Couldn't have asked for a better installer. You will not regret reaching out to Adi and his team at GreenBelt solar. Please mention this review by Kyle H!"


Edward B. - 5 stars

"Top notch company and true professionals."






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